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Rising Signs

From almost anywhere on the earth, each of the twelve signs of the zodiac rises in turn on the eastern horizon as the earth rotates on its axis each day. This is the basis of the systems of houses used in astrology, and the most important of the houses is the First House or Ascendant, which corresponds to the Rising Sign: the sign rising on the eastern horizon at a given time and location on the earth.

In a natal chart, the sun sign is the most important single element, as it expresses the subject's basic character, drive, strengths, weaknesses and potential. The rising sign deals more with how the subject appears and expresses himself or herself to others. It also concerns the subject's self-awareness and formative influences. The basic sense of what it means to have a particular sign rising is given below.

Aries RisingAries on the First House Cusp

With Aries rising, your character is sure to shine through in all that you do. You can hardly be accused of being shy, and your friends might think some of your thoughts are a bit original to say the least. Because you want to be the best, you boldly go where others don't dare to, and if you don't seek out these adventures and endeavors, you might just find yourself bored with life. You hardly ever rest, which can leave your friends, family, and significant others chasing tiredly after you. This can be unfortunate: you don't settle easily, neither in friendships nor places.

Taurus RisingTaurus on the First House Cusp

With Taurus rising, no one can call you flamboyant or outlandish because all that you do is very grounded and practical. However, you can tire others out by your plodding sense of patience with all matters, and others will give up on a project while you quietly ride it out. Financial security is important to you, and your demeanor is such that you naturally seek out people who will help you to further your position. For this reason, you need to be careful to see people as people and not as objects. In circles of friendship, you are seen as compassionate and sympathetic, and you are easy to get along with. But be careful: you tend to develop a jealous streak if someone has more possessions or better quality ones than you do.

Gemini RisingGemini on the First House Cusp

With Gemini rising, you will never be without friends: your personality makes it nearly impossible. You have the knack of getting others involved in your projects, but this doesn't mean they'll stay involved for the long haul; many will disappear at the first bump you encounter in the road to completion. Conversely, you feel like you need to okay everything with others, and that going out on a limb or being the first to come up with a new idea isn't necessarily a good thing. You must consciously work to break yourself of this tendency. Concerns over money matters and how "your stuff" stacks up with that of the guy next door are niggling fears. Your worst trait, however, is your impatience: it leads you to not want to stick around too long for anything.

Cancer RisingCancer on the First House Cusp

With Cancer rising, others might find you to be overly emotional at times. When dealing with difficult people and situations, instead of trying to think things through rationally, you let your feelings run wild and get the better of you. However, you do make an excellent friend and lover, and you do as much as you can to protect those in your life from unnecessary hurt. Having a stable home and family life is important to you. When you do find stability and security you do well, going full speed ahead with everything.

Leo RisingLeo on the First House Cusp

With Leo rising, you are quite possibly the most confident person you know. What other people think doesn't have much of an effect on you. You have no problem at all letting others know what you think about any topic under the sun. Some people might see you as a bit of a braggart or a show off, though, so be careful. This can cause problems in relationships, because you often hog the spotlight and find it difficult to listen or compromise.

Virgo RisingVirgo on the First House Cusp

With Virgo rising, you tend to be a good person to lean on. You do this not just because it helps others, but because you feel it is what one person should do for another. Having said this, you are very independent and rarely seek help from others. There is a certain resilience about you, which comes from a strong sense of self-reliance. Partnerships are very important to you, whether professional or personal, and you conduct them in traditional ways.

Libra RisingLibra on the First House Cusp

With Libra rising, you might seem to be quiet and shy when people you don't know are around, but when you are with your friends you can be as outgoing as the rest of them, and friendships are very important to you. You feel the need to please others, as any sort of discontent upsets you a quite a bit, and you always strive to be fair. You take pride in your work, and your projects tend to be well done, often after you've spent a great deal of time on them. If you feel like your work has a philanthropic application of some sort, you are thrilled. As involved as you are with your work, relationships are still important to you, but at first you treat them with a more practical approach than is strictly necessary.

Scorpio RisingScorpio on the First House Cusp

With Scorpio rising, you are good at getting what you want, but you tend to be a little critical and controlling at times. You have a very strong sense of duty when it comes to work, and it shows in your output; but you expect others to put in as much effort as you do or else you become annoyed. "Relax" is something of a foreign word to you, and you'd do well to take things a little easier from time to time. Attracting friends and lovers is not normally a problem, though you may find it difficult to form a deep and lasting relationship, even though you have a strong need for approval.

Sagittarius RisingSagittarius on the First House Cusp

With Sagittarius rising, you tend to be more open and friendly than most people are used to. You have an incredible need to befriend people and feel as if you belong, and will do almost anything to be accepted into a social circle. Contrary to this, you might fail to ever get to know people truly; you tend to be superficial when it comes to developing a relationship of any kind. You can do most things well, and are particularly happy with creative and active pursuits. You throw yourself passionately into new relationships, and the more adventurous they are, the better. You'd love to try everything at least once, and nothing's going to stop you attempting to do it.

Capricorn RisingCapricorn on the First House Cusp

With Capricorn rising, most people only see the serious side of you. Although strangers understandably find it difficult to approach you, some of your friends might feel the same way too. You tend to keep yourself closed up, and this is not always good. When you do let someone in, it is for good reason, and you trust them and believe in them wholeheartedly. Don't misconstrue all this talk of a cold person, though: you are loving and devoted to those closest to you.

Aquarius RisingAquarius on the First House Cusp

With Aquarius rising, many people will look at you and think, "That's different!" Nothing can hold back your love of life, freedom and inclusiveness. You are a very open minded person whom people respect for your honesty and fair approach to everything. When you have to defend something, you can become a bit aggressive, but at other times, you are laid back and easy going. One possible problem is that you may explore relationships as sources of pleasure alone and not of emotional fulfillment. Knowing is more important to you than feeling.

Pisces RisingPisces on the First House Cusp

With Pisces rising, you are most likely an idealistic rather than realistic person. It's hard for you to see the bad in any situation, which leads you to think that all things are good in some way or another. You might have a tendency to expect more from people than they can actually deliver. You are a true romantic and love deeply anyone whom you become involved with, and you will do anything you can to make that person happy and proud of you. Because of this, you need to be wary of those who might not have as good intentions as you do.