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Biographies and Quotations

BiographyPoets, churchmen, scientists and ladies of the realm rub shoulders with bodhisattvas, philosophers, psychologists, architects and individualists in our collection of biographies and quotations. You can consult our Oracle of Quotations for inspiration and discovery, and our Quote of the Day speaks for itself. Oscar Wilde’s take on it all: "Biography lends to death a new terror."
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Biographies Collected here are biographies of just a few of the many people who have contributed to our knowledge of mysticism, metaphysics and the mysteries of life throughout the years, along with quotations, pictures and links to help you search for more information.
Quotations Mosey through quotations from a mosaic of individuals, and you'll get a varied slice of opinions, observations and occasional insanity. Groucho Marx: "Quote me as saying I was misquoted."
Oracle of Quotations Our Oracle of Quotations is a wellspring of inspiration, learning and discovery. The Oracle can be used as a form of stichomancy (an on-line version of opening a book at a random sentence for guidance) or simply as a way to explore the writings and beliefs of famous and not-so-famous figures.
Quote of the Day Our Quote of the Day is an excellent and easy way to discover more about the lives and observations of some important figures. Every day, a quotation is selected at random and displayed with links to a biography of the author and to further quotations by them. Check back each day for a new quotation.