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The Mystical Calendar

Mystical CalendarEight major festivals drive the wheel of the year ever on, elucidating the cycle of the seasons and the interaction of darkness and light, all the while betokening the rhythmic nature of existence. Explore these festivals individually, in their collective myth cycles and in synthesis with that other great eight-fold system, the I Ching.
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The Wheel of the Year From antiquity, the ever-turning wheel of the year has been celebrated in eight festivals marking important points in the cycle of the seasons and the interplay between darkness and light. These special days (the solstices, equinoxes and four cross-quarter days) are introduced collectively here.
The Eight Festivals Explore each of the eight major festivals that mark the turning of the year and the cyclical nature of existence. Origins, names, associated customs and Christian equivalents are covered for all of these important celebrations.
Festival Myth Cycles The eight festivals that delineate the path of each year can only be understood when viewed as parts of a unified whole, and their associated myth cycles have traditionally been the primary means of achieving this. Light and dark, gods and goddesses, tree kings, wild hunts and the natural cycle are all parts of the story.
The Wheel of Changes A powerful synergy exists between the major festivals of the year and the trigrams of the ancient Chinese "Book of Changes" or I Ching. Both express fully the continuous, mutual interaction of light and dark in eight critical points, and the two systems can be synthesized to great effect.