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Contact Byzant

Contact Byzant We receive so many comments and questions that we no longer have time to answer them, so we've put together responses to a few of the more common communications that turn up in our inbox.

Thanks for such a great site!

Thank you. As you can probably tell, a lot of hard work has gone into creating and maintaining the Byzant website, and all your appreciative messages go a long way towards making the effort worthwhile.

Can I use your text or graphics on my website or somewhere else?

As we're sure you can understand, a vast amount of time and effort goes into writing the articles and designing the graphics used on the Byzant website, so we do not allow other sites to reproduce them for any purpose. Our site is provided free of charge without any requirement to register, and the internet is built around a mechanism for sharing articles with others: the link. If there are any pages that you think might be helpful to your visitors, then we have no objection to your providing links to those pages within our site.

Do you have any or further information on...?

With our combined knowledge and reference library, probably, but as we are no longer able to answer specific questions, we can only refer you to the information we have made publicly available on our website. Our site map lists most public areas of our site, and Bing is a reasonable search engine for the rest of the web.

Will you do a Tarot reading for me?

We don't offer personal readings, but we do provide some excellent free reading services.

Do you want to trade links?

If you like our site enough to recommend it, then by all means link to us, but "buying" or "trading" links renders the idea of recommending other websites useless. We do offer a few (untraded) links to other websites we think are worth a visit.

Can I buy advertising on your site or your exit traffic?

No. We don't carry advertising.

So how do you make money from the site?

We don't. The content and services on the Byzant website are provided at our expense and free of charge to anyone who wants to visit.

Can I make a donation to help with the upkeep of the website?

This one sneaked in from the "Least Frequently Asked Questions" list. Thanks, but no. If you're really in a giving mood, then there are plenty of secular charities that would be grateful for your help.