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Sefirotic Meditations

Meditation on the sefirot of the Tree of Life is an important way of deepening your understanding of the Kabbalah. Each sefira should be considered not only in terms of its own characteristics, but also in its relation to the other sefirot, both through the paths it is on and through its place in the natural sequence of the sefirot.

For those already familiar with the sefirotic attributions, we offer a way to aid meditation on the sefirotic sequence in either the immanent (Kether to Malkuth) or transcendent (Malkuth to Kether) directions.

Meditating on the immanent sequence of the sefirot is characteristic of Western Esotericism, allowing higher energies to be brought down into the material realm, and it is also used to increase comprehension of the sefirot through consideration of the "Lightning Flash of Creation."

Meditating on the transcendent sequence is analogous to the Eastern yogic tradition of raising kundalini (Sanskrit for "Serpent Power") from the base to the crown chakra. Consciousness is raised and expanded by the exploration of successively higher sefirot with the ultimate aim of Divine Union - the "Great Work" of the Western tradition.

The Byzant aid to sefirotic meditation works by displaying the Tree of Life with a particular sefira highlighted for your consideration and concentration. After a time specified by you, the sequence will move to the next sefira automatically. You can choose whether you want the sequence to run from Kether to Malkuth or vice versa. You also decide whether you want the sequence played once only, repeatedly, or changing direction at each repeat (i.e. when Malkuth is reached moving down the Tree, the sequence changes direction to work back up the Tree, and when Kether is reached the sequence begins to move back down again).

The display time for each sefira can be anything from a single second to as long as you choose. So if you want to spend half an hour meditating on the sefirot, set the display time to 180 seconds (3 minutes) per sefira. If the delay you select isn't long enough for each page to download fully on your connection, then simply return here and increase the delay.

The meditation will work with most browsers, but if yours is not able to advance automatically to the next sefira then you can do this manually by clicking "Next" beneath the Tree. You can stop the sequence at any time by clicking a link or a sefira, and clicking "Meditation" will bring you back to this page to make any adjustments you like to the parameters.

May your journey be fruitful.

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