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Sefirot on the Tree of Life

The Tree of LifeThe Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is built upon the ten sefirot ("numbers," "emanations" or "spheres;" singular, sefira) illustrated in the diagram above. Some of the ways in which the sefirot can be grouped and considered in relation to each other are covered in our overview of the Tree of Life, and the their subjective, dyadic interactions are looked at in our introduction to the twenty-two paths on the Tree.

Dark and unnumbered, the "sefira which is not a sefira," Da'ath, is also illustrated on the Tree of Life above, in its characteristic positionless position.

The sefirot are all listed below: discover a few of the attributions of each one by clicking the names (you can also click the spheres on the Tree of Life itself).

Sefira Pronunciation Names
1 Kether kehter Kether (Crown) or Kether Elyon (Supreme Crown)
2 Chokmah h'okma Chokmah (Wisdom)
3 Binah beena Binah (Understanding or Intelligence)
4 Chesed h'ehsed Chesed (Mercy or Grace) or Gedullah (Greatness)
5 Geburah gebura Geburah (Severity or Power), Din (Judgement) or Pahad (Fear)
6 Tifereth tifereht Tifereth (Beauty) or Rahamim (Mercy)
7 Netsach netsak Netsach (Victory or Constancy)
8 Hod hohd Hod (Glory or Majesty)
9 Yesod yesohd Yesod (Foundation) or Tsedek (Justice)
10 Malkuth malkoot Malkuth (Kingdom) or Shekhinah (Divine Immanence)