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Psi Lab, for the Testing and Development of Psychic Powers or Siddhis

Psi Lab

Psychic abilities have long been claimed and sought by many at all levels of society, from kitchen-sink soothsayers and wandering ascetics to heads of state and shadowy government agencies. Eastern traditions, notably Tantric Buddhism and Hinduism, cite many possible attainments (or Siddhis), of which the familiar psychic abilities of western parapsychology are but a small and prosaic subset. Siddhis are developed through the various forms of yoga, particularly the meditational and devotional paths, though it is generally considered counterproductive to make their attainment a goal of practice.

Zener Cards

Parapsychology views possible psychic abilities as a legitimate field of scientific inquiry, and consequently has developed methods of testing and cultivating these abilities as ends in themselves. Its practitioners chose Psi (the Greek letter, picked for its relation to psyche, meaning soul or mind) as a term to encompass parapsychological phenomena, such as clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and psychokinesis (these concepts are explained within the Psi Lab). The most familiar form of Psi testing uses special decks of cards to assess psychic ability, the best known being Zener cards, each of which contains one of five symbols: cross, star, square, circle and wavy lines.

The Byzant Psi Lab allows you to perform Psi tests for a variety of psychic phenomena using a range of different card decks. You can choose the type of psychic ability to explore, the deck to use and the total number of cards to be chosen in the test. Try all the different abilities to see which you have an affinity for, and experiment with different decks -- the familiar, the unknown, those you like and those you're unsure about -- to see what factors affect your results. Also keep an eye out for unusual patterns: maybe you find yourself repeatedly seeing the card after the one about to be chosen in the precognition test. Each test is explained when you enter the lab, so whenever you're ready, just click the link below.

Enter the Psi Lab
Enter the Psi Lab