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Choose the Psi Test

Psi Lab Byzant Psi Lab experiments are performed using cards picked at random, one at a time, from any of a number of decks. You choose the type of psychic ability to test, the deck to use and the total number of cards to be selected. At each stage a card is chosen randomly, used according to the skill being tested, then returned to the deck, which is then reshuffled. Thus every card in the deck has an equal chance of being chosen each time, preventing card counting techniques from having any influence on the results of the experiment. Choose the psychic skill to test from the list below.
Clairvoyance is the ability to see or sense external objects, events or information without the use of the normal senses. In the Psi Lab test for clairvoyance, a card is chosen at random and displayed face down. You try to sense which card has been chosen.
Test Clairvoyance...
Precognition is the ability to see or sense future events via extrasensory means. In the Psi Lab test for precognition, you try to determine which card is about to be selected, before the card is chosen.
Test Precognition...
Telepathy is communication beyond the normal senses. The Psi Lab test for telepathy requires two people: the sender sitting by the computer and the receiver seated where the screen cannot be seen. When a card has been selected at random and displayed, the sender tries to transmit the card to the receiver.
Test Telepathy...
Psychokinesis is the ability to influence objects or events directly through the power of the mind. In the Psi Lab test for psychokinesis, you try to influence the card the computer is about to choose.
Test Psychokinesis...
Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is the ability to see objects or events at a distance by extrasensory means. In the Psi Lab remote viewing test, a card is selected at random and displayed face up after a short delay, giving you time to turn away from the screen or leave the room. You then try to sense the card that is being displayed.
Test Remote Viewing...