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The Byzant Scriptorium

ScriptoriumThe Byzant Scriptorium brings together a disparate collection of mystical and spiritual resources that lie beyond the boundaries of our main sections. Our interactive Psi Lab, on-line spirit board, festival days reference, poetry section and video altar can all be found on the shelves of the Scriptorium, along with miscellaneous articles covering such topics as the Golden Dawn, the Ogdoad and links to other sites on the web.
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Psi Lab The existence of siddhis or psychic powers has long been debated, and paths to their attainment stretch from yogic and meditational practices in the East to Mystery Schools and iterative parapsychological experiments in the West. Our Psi Lab lets you test and perhaps develop your psychic abilities through a range of experiments, covering such capabilities as clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, psychokinesis and remote viewing.
Mystical Calendar Eight major festivals drive the wheel of the year ever on, elucidating the cycle of the seasons and the interaction of darkness and light, all the while betokening the rhythmic nature of existence. Explore these festivals individually, in their collective myth cycles and in synthesis with that other great eight-fold system, the I Ching.
Viewless Wings Art, music and poetry are mediums through which some sense of the numinous can be directly evoked. Reliant on language, poetry is the most concrete of the three, and here we look into one of its most compact and enduring forms: the "little sound" (still small voice?) of the sonnet.
The Spirit Chatroom Converse with your subconscious, hold forth with your higher self, maybe even schmooze with the spirits in our Spirit Chatroom - an on-line Spirit Board. The genesis, development and commercialization of the Spirit or Ouija board are also covered in this section.
The Video Altar The Video Altar is a place of relaxation, contemplation and meditation. Let the gently flickering candles, protecting symbols and soothing sounds help you rest and regenerate.
The Golden Dawn The Golden Dawn was a highly influential magical order with a comprehensive curriculum and a membership that included Waite, Crowley and Yeats. Its untimely splintering produced a panoply of offshoot Orders that led to the eventual dissemination of its teachings to the world.
The Ogdoad To the ancient Egyptians the Ogdoad were a group of eight primeval deities that gave birth to the sun, and to the Gnostics they were a set of eight emanations that effected creation. Here we look briefly at the mythology of the Ogdoad and some connected philosophies.
Salutation to a Friend Fra Giovanni's famous "Salutation to a Friend" is part of a letter he wrote to Countess Allagia Aldobrandeschi on Christmas Eve, 1513. It still speaks to us after all the intervening centuries.
Links Beyond Byzant As launchpad for further exploration, here's an eclectic set of links to books, Tarot decks and other websites that were well worth a visit when they were added. Everything is subject to change, though, and the web is no exception.