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Links Beyond Byzant

Links Beyond ByzantAs launchpad for further exploration, here's an eclectic set of links to books, Tarot decks and other websites that were well worth a visit when they were added. Everything is subject to change, though, and the web is no exception.
Tarot Decks and Books There are many Tarot decks and books available, but the quality to quantity ratio is low. Our recommended decks are those that have stood the test of time, and these include a version of the Marseilles deck, which we use for our site and readings.
Recommended Books If you are looking to explore further some of the topics we cover on the Byzant website, then there are a number of books we can recommend. Each description is accompanied by a link to its entry.
Other Websites Extending the Scriptorium out into the web, peruse some other interesting websites.