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Esoteric Symbols

SymbolsSymbols are integral to esoterica, whether these are symbolic texts, sounds or visual glyphs. From the Indian tattvas to the trigrams of the I Ching, from the Jewish Kabbalah to the medieval Tarot cards, from the astrological glyphs to the complex emblems of Ceremonial Magic, every area of spiritual knowledge has its own symbology. Explore a fully-illustrated range of symbols and discover their origins, meanings, applications and interrelationships.
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Star Symbols Stars are often encountered as esoteric symbols, and the meaning of any particular star depends on the number points it has and sometimes the orientation of these points as well. The stars have always been invested with a sense of hope and destiny, so look to the stars for inspiration, from the protective five points of the pentagram to the numinous nine of the nonagram. Star Symbols
Eastern Symbols Many profound and important symbols have arisen from Eastern philosophy and religion. Illustrated and discussed here are just a few symbols from the wisdom teachings of the East, including Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Zen. From the flawless simplicity of yin-yang, to the extempore enso, perfect in its imperfections, these symbols have much to offer the seeker on any spiritual path. Eastern Symbols
Judaic Symbols The main symbols of Judaism are both ancient and abstract: the commandment forbidding the creation of "graven images" for fear of idolatry prevented the production of representations of God or human beings. Judaic symbols have important links with the Kabbalah and, because of their antiquity and depth of meaning, they have been applied outside the context of Jewish religion by mystics throughout the ages. Judaic Symbols
More Symbols Our final miscellany of esoteric symbols contains glyphs from a variety of Western traditions. The Rosicrucian Rose Cross, Egyptian Eye of Horus, mathematical lemniscate, ancient spiral, Christian ichthys and the Celtic Triquetra are all depicted and discussed here. More Symbols