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All About Astrology

AstrologyAstrology is an ancient method of exploring who you are and where you're going. To some, it offers an approach to utilizing strengths, overcoming weaknesses and fulfilling potential; to others, it's a little frivolity; still more view the subject as stellar nonsense. Whether you're just interested in finding out what your Western or Chinese birth sign may say about you or are keen to learn more about the building blocks of this ancient art, Byzant Astrology is the place to visit.
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An Introduction to Astrology If you're new to astrology, then our introduction will give you a quick overview of sun signs and horoscopes, with links to more in-depth articles.
A History of Astrology The story of Western astrology starts in Mesopotamia and follows a rise in influence all the way through to the Middle Ages, before a fall from scientific respectability. Modern astrology took the discovery of new planets in its stride and, in spite of everything, is still a tenacious presence today.
The Signs of the Zodiac What are the signs of the zodiac and why are they not the same as the constellations after which they are named? Find out here, and explore the meanings of all twelve natal sun signs.
Qualities and Elements The signs share common characteristics, allowing them to be grouped in a variety of ways, the most common being the quadruplicities or qualities and the triplicities or elements. The zodiac can be viewed as a cyclical expression of the qualities acting through the elements.
The Astrological Planets The planets are the players upon the stage formed by the signs and houses, and each has its own characteristics and associations. All ten major planets of modern astrology are explored here, including their rulerships, detriments, exaltations and falls.
The Aspects The planets form ever-changing angles to the houses and each other, and certain special angles have a powerful influence on the subject of a chart. Find out about the major aspects, their orbs of influence and what it means for an aspect to be applying, separating or disassociated.
The Houses The houses add context to a horoscope and help personalize the influence of the outer planets. Incompatibility among the systems in use makes the houses one of the most troublesome and impairing concepts in the whole of astrology, however.
Rising Signs The First House or Ascendant corresponds to the sign rising on the eastern horizon at a given time and location on the earth. Rising signs deal with how subjects appear and express themselves to others, along with their self-awareness and formative influences. All twelve are covered here.
Scorpio, the Eagle Four-faced fauna are to the fore when exploring why Scorpio is sometimes known as the sign of the Eagle. Ezekiel, Evangelists, the Book of Revelation and the fixed signs of the zodiac are all part of the journey.
Chinese Astrology Legend has it that when Buddha called all the animals together, only twelve turned up, and the order of their arrival brought forth the twelve-year cycle of Chinese astrology. The symbols, years and characteristics of all of them are introduced here.